The cosmological convergence of tribal laws and the bible

  • Berrington Ntombela
Keywords: African Traditional Religion, Tribal Laws, Biblical Laws


Decolonisation is meant to reverse the onslaught of colonisation. The project of colonisation was executed with the sole aim of not only  undermining the indigene, but to render illegitimate the indigenous epistemology and relegate native ontology into oblivion. The missionaries for instance were sent as if Africans had no religion. It has however remained a paradox that Africans seem to have embraced the religion of the missionaries and even adapted it to African epistemology. The article, following the analysis of Tribal Laws, exposes the scheme of western  colonisers in painting a gloomy picture about the ways of Africans. The Tribal Laws that are analysed are presented by Credo Mutwa. These laws are read alongside Biblical laws that resonate with them. Whilst Mutwa constantly bemoans the misunderstanding between Christians and the  indigenous based on the application of the Tribal Laws, the analysis clearly shows that there are striking similarities between the Biblical text and the Tribal Laws, but the westerners who were responsible for colonisation deliberately barbarised Tribal Laws.

Keywords: African Traditional Religion, Tribal Laws, Biblical Laws.


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eISSN: 1683-0296