Re-configuring education and research about Africa: the indigenous knowledge force

  • Meki Nzewi Department of Music, University of Pretoria, South Africa


Prescript: Any nation that prioritises pure science and technology education over education in the human-making and spiritual development disciplines is breeding a society of brilliant psychopaths. The price is fostering extraordinary criminals among the privileged and unprivileged alike, and yet lamenting that the ground is not level for social stability and peaceful coexistence to thrive. After all criminality is a matter of education and upbringing, not a genetic inheritance.

Absurdity: When a human person is amazed to discover that his human neighbour also actually has a head, and in fact eats through the mouth instead of the anus, then we have developed to an age of articulate glorification of absurdities.

Verity: Nobody now can discover indigenous knowledge systems in Africa. They have always been in existence. We can only encounter, recall or discern, perform, record, review and advance what we have inherited.

Indilinga: African Journal of Indigenous Knowledge Systems (IAJIKS) Vol. 4(1) 2005: 282-294

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eISSN: 1683-0296