The Impact Of Indigenous Community-Based Groups Towards Social Development

  • J Makhubele
Keywords: Indigenous knowledge, social development, natural groups.


Successful realisation of social development goals and objectives requires the effective harnessing, harmonising and rationalising of indigenous community based groups within their indigenous cultures. These groups have to be identified, work together and be appreciated as they add value and improve the quality of life of people in their localities. They are self-propelled social enterprises and visible in community events ranging from weddings, funerals and xiseveseve (mutual aid groups). These groups are not recognised and supported by both private and public sector institutions, let alone funded as they are not registered as Non-Profit Organizations (NPO), close corporations (cc) or trusts to access funding from government and/or other donors. Working in groups is indigenous to African communities and has far-reaching effects, which reverberate beyond the boundaries of these groups and has historically been an embodiment of the way of life, custodian of customs, traditions and cultures and provide venue where ideals of mutuality, sharing and giving can be developed. They are community development interventions aimed at meeting social development goals. Since it is an undisputable fact that indigenous African people are by nature highly gregarious, they are of help to each other socially, economically and spiritually during their events.

Keywords: Indigenous knowledge, social development, natural groups.

Indilinga Vol. 7 (1) 2008: pp. 37-46

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eISSN: 1683-0296