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Traditional farming and indiginous knowledge systems in Africa: Perspective from the Ikale-yoruba experience

O Ogen


This paper argues that the abysmal failure of conventional agricultural techniques in Africa has made it critically necessary for Africa's agricultural policies to evolve from its age-long indigenous agricultural technologies. The study, therefore, highlights several instances of the application of indigenous knowledge to the Ikale farming system. Essentially, the adequate utilisation of the Ikale's indigenous knowledge system enabled Ikale farmers to become the undisputed regional experts in food crop production in southeastern Yorubaland during the period under review. The paper concludes that modern approaches to agricultural development in Africa will continue to fail unless they take into consideration Africa's home-grown innovative farming techniques and indigenous knowledge systems.

Keywords: Traditional farming, farming techniques

Indilinga Vol. 5 (2) 2006: pp. 157-166