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Indigenous approach to weather forecasting in Asa L.G.A, Kwara State, Nigeria

LT Ajibade
OO Shokemi


Two hundred (200) people of ages above forty-five (45) years and mostly males were randomly selected and interviewed across Asa Local Government Area of Kwara State, to elicit information on their indigenous methods of weather forecast. The study observed that over 95% of the respondents know much about weather forecast. They identified five weather systems, which they are capable of forecasting using accumulated experiences. These include rainfall, thunderstorm, windstorm, harmattan and sunshine. The occurrence of some of these as observed, can also be modified (induced or prevented). Whereas, indigenous weather forecasting is appreciated for its role in agricultural development, their modifications are however, discouraged for their possible effects on natural processes. To sum up, indigenous methods are seen as complimentary rather than contradiction to western-based methods. Consequently, the study recommends that outcomes of indigenous knowledge-based researches should be utilised and integrated in development processes.