Determinants of Use of Indigenous Fish Processing Practices in Maritime and Inland States of Nigeria

  • MO Adeogun
  • OA Adeogun
Keywords: Indigenous Fish Processing Practices, Maritime, Inland


The study examined the various factors affecting the level of utilization of Indigenous Fish Processing Practices {IFPP} in Maritime and Inland States of Nigeria. The study was carried out in four fish processing states viz; Akwa -Ibom and Lagos (Maritime states) while Borno and Niger (Inland states). From snowball generated lists, 74, 34, 34 and 47 respondents were randomly selected from the states, respectively. Primary data were collected through the use of interview schedule. Descriptive statistics was used to analyze the socio- economic features of the fish processors while the logit model was used to capture the socio-economic factors determining the utilization of indigenous fish processing practices. The result of the logit model shows that in maritime states, age (β=0.01), sex (β=3.46), education (β=1.90), household size (β=2.48), FAI (β=2.80), consumers preference (β=3.37), processing tradition (β=3.74), VFP (β=0.02) and cosmopoliteness (β=4.11) were prominent factors likely to determine IFPPs use significantly. In Inland states, age (β=0.05), sex (β=3.45), consumer preference (β=2.90), income generating activities at peak season (β=2.26), VFP (β=2.39) and cosmopoliteness (β=0.41) were significant factors likely determining IFPP use. Factors influencing use of indigenous fish processing practices were similar in maritime and inland states. However, income generating activity was a peculiar factor influencing indigenous fish processing practices in inland states, while processing tradition, education and household size were peculiar factors in maritime states. Therefore, development program should consider the aforementioned factors while adequate consideration should be on IFPPs as a spring board to development of affordable, accessible and sustainable intervention.

Key words: Indigenous Fish Processing Practices, Maritime, Inland


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