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Perceived Role Achievement and Role Expectation of Local Government Agricultural Programmes in Southeast, Nigeria

RN Mgbenka
EM Igbokwe
JM Chah


The study ascertained agricultural development role expectations and role achievements among local government authorities (LGAs) in southeast, Nigeria. Some LGAs in the study area contributed to the success of some agricultural programmes in different ways such as providing training facilities at local government (LG) and farmers’ levels. However, some assessment studies on the effectiveness of LGAs’ agricultural activities in southeast, Nigeria show unfavourable reports on the achievements of specified agricultural roles such that rural farmers still experience low agricultural productivity. Questionnaire and interview schedule were used to collect data on agricultural role expectation and role achievement of LGAs from 179 LG staff members and 145 farmers using multistage sampling. Data were analysed using mean score, standard deviation and students’ t-test. The mean scores for farmers on role expectation were, for provision of water scheme (2.7), market gardens (2.7), and tractors (2.5).Those of LG staff were for provision of water scheme (2.3), market gardens (2.3), and tractors (2.2). The mean scores for farmers on role achievement by LGAs with respect to provision of processing plants and bore-holes were 2.1 and 2.3, while those of LG staff were 3.7 and 4.1, respectively. There were significant differences between LG staff and farmers’ perception on expected agricultural roles (t= -2.9; p≤ 0.05) and role achievement (t=18.0; p≤ 0.05) of LGAs. The study recommends representation of farmers in LGs’ agriculture department to enhance planning of agricultural interventions that will address farmers’ felt needs.

Keywords: Local governments, role expectations and role achievements, southeast, Nigeria.