Effects of National Fadama III Programme on the Scope and Scale of Beneficiaries’ Farming Activities in South West, Nigeria

  • T.O. Agunloye
  • O.O. Fasina
  • O.M. Akinnagbe
Keywords: Fadama III, beneficiaries, Farm Scale and Scope,


This paper examined the effects of National Fadama III programme on the scale and scope of beneficiaries farming activities in the study area.. Two hundred randomly selected beneficiaries were used. Data were collected with the aid of structured interview schedule and analyzed using frequency, percentage and mean statistics. Results revealed that beneficiaries’ scope of crop production increased significantly for maize, cassava, yam, plantain and agro processing. The scope of livestock production also increased for goatry, fisheries, poultry and for fish processing and a sharp decrease for piggery. The scale of crop production also revealed an increase significantly for cassava production, maize, yam and plantain. For livestock production, the mean population rose for poultry, goatry, fisheries and piggery. The income of beneficiaries also rose by 58%. The study recommended that the federal government should sustain the Fadama programme after World Bank withdraws from funding the programme.

Keywords: Fadama III, beneficiaries, Farm Scale and Scope,


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