Impact of agricultural services and training centre project on tomato farmers’ livelihood in Plateau State, Nigeria

  • Onaivi Yakubu Momoh
  • Joseph Gambo Akpoko
  • Mathew Olu Akinola
Keywords: Participation, Intervention, Livelihoods


This study assessed the impact of Agricultural Services and Training Centre (ASTC) on tomato farmers’ livelihood in Plateau State, Nigeria. A multi-stage sampling procedure was used for this study. Firstly, a purposive sampling was used to select three Local Government Areas (LGA) out of each three senatorial zones and three villages from each LGAs while random and purposive sampling were used to select 206 participants in ASTC project and 206 non- participants, making a total sample size of 412 farmers in Plateau State. Questionnaire and interview schedule were used for data collection and analyzed with descriptive statistics and inferential statistics such as chow test model. The result revealed 90% and 77% males of the participants and the non-participants respectively while the females were 10% and 23% participants and the non- participants respectively. Chow test model analysis indicated a positive mean on output F= 149.87), income, (F= 3.95) and level of living (F= 24.24) of the participants’ farmers in ASTC project than the non-participant farmers in the project. The output, income and level of living difference were significant at 5% level of probability which means a significant difference in output, income and level of living of farmers participating in ASTC tomato production. It was concluded that ASTC project intervention had positive impact on tomato production and livelihood of participant farmers in the study area. The study therefore recommends that the existing cooperative society included in the ASTC project be sustained in order to consolidate the achievement of the participating farmers in the scheme.

Keywords: Participation, Intervention, Livelihoods


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