Price variation of tomatoes and ginger in Giwa Market, Kaduna State, Nigeria

  • Jamila Rabe Mani
  • Muhammad I. Hudu
  • Abdurrahman Ali
Keywords: Price variations, grand seasonal index, tomato, ginger


This study analysed price of tomatoes and ginger in Giwa market, Kaduna State to identify seasonal price patterns and their expected changes over time. The analytical approach in this study was based on the price multiplicative model. The study based preliminary on secondary data collected from NAERLS weekly commodity prices during period 2011-2015. The study found that the Grand Seasonal Index (GSI) showed a deviation from hundred, suggesting seasonality exists in the market for both commodities. The trend and variability of the seasonal index were also calculated and it revealed that the grand seasonal indexes of the commodities in the market were highly variable and this indicates minimal incentives for the rural farmers and marketers of ginger and tomato. Further the result indicated that tomato has the highest volatility than ginger in the market. Declining trends were obtained for majority of the months in both tomato and ginger marketing an indication of principle of supply and demand. The feasibility for storage were 20.71% and 21.44% for tomato and ginger respectively, implying that the producers/marketers of both tomato and ginger will make highest returns if they stored and sold to other (urban/international) markets during periods of high prices rather than selling at the rural market during harvests. Consequently, marketing of ginger and tomato in terms of better prices in these markets is less favorable. Hence recommendation of the implementation of seasonable price stability by the government. In addition, there is need to boost production, activate value chain, collecting and disseminating market information.

Keywords: Price variations, grand seasonal index, tomato, ginger


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