Determinants of farmers use of farm hygiene practices in preventing and controlling poultry diseases in Lagos State, Nigeria

  • F.A. Akinnusi
  • C.I. Sodiya
  • C.O. Adamu
Keywords: Farm hygiene practices, Poultry Entrepreneurs, Lagos State


This study assessed factors that determine farm hygiene practices towards preventing and controlling poultry diseases among poultry entrepreneurs in Lagos State, Nigeria. Structured questionnaire was used to obtain data from 148 respondents selected using multistage sampling technique. Results show that respondents’ mean age was 48.5years, majority (68.2%) were male, 95.3% were married, 59.5% had secondary education and mean years of farming experience was 18.8years. All the respondents sourced information on hygiene practices from extension agents, family, friends and cooperatives. Electronic media and prints were also used by 96.6%, 47.9%, respectively. The majority (81.8%) of the respondents operate on a government owned land while 10.1% operate on personal land. Majority (77%) periodically clean their poultry pen, 72.9% agreed that quarantine services is of necessity, 80.4% periodically administer vaccines and drugs to prevent diseases in their poultry farms. More so, 98.7% disinfect poultry kits/equipment after use and 91.9% agreed that raw/uncooked poultry products are not good for consumption. Test of significance indicated that respondents’ farm hygiene practices was related to educational level (χ2=7.96, P≤.05), years of farming experience (β=-0.87, P≤.05), sources of information (r=-0.21, P≤.05), land ownership type (r=-0.22, P≤.05). It was recommended that public enlightenment and campaign should be strengthened to generally enlighten the public and poultry entrepreneurs specifically towards positive attitudes and handling of poultry products through routine management like regular sanitation, periodic vaccination, poultry house entrance’ dips, drug administration and quarantine services towards developing the poultry enterprise.

Keywords: Farm hygiene practices, Poultry Entrepreneurs, Lagos State


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