Linkage Behavior and Practices of Agencies in the Agricultural Innovation Transfer Sub System in Southeastern Nigeria: Issues for Agricultural Extension policy

  • MU Dimelu
  • AC Anyanwu


The study examined the linkage behaviour and practices of agencies in the agricultural innovation transfer sub system in Southeastern Nigeria. A total sample size of 210 respondents purposively selected from ADPs(60), LGs(60), profit NGOs(60), non- profit NGOs(30) were used. Data were collected by the use of questionnaires; and analyzed using percentage, mean scores, and factor analysis. The study revealed poor linkage dynamics among the agencies. Majority (72.2%) ADPS of the respondents indicated strong linkages with research institutes, but linkages with agencies in the transfer sub-system were either weak or not in existence. The LGs as well as profit NGOs had either weak or no linkage with most agencies in both innovation generation and transfer sub- systems. Non-profit NGOs(50.0%) reported somewhat strong linkages with research institutes; while (61.5%,65.5%and 50.0%) indicated that linkages with universities of agriculture, colleges of agriculture and para-veterinary firms were not in existent, respectively. The major linkage mechanisms that existed among the agencies were use of bulletin, annual reports, and magazine. Factors constraining linkages among the agencies were policy related, organizational, attitude –related, and motivational. The study concludes that operational and structural mechanisms should be put in place to facilitate strong and effective linkages for efficiency of resource use and cost effectiveness through synergies and complementarities of efforts. Government should entrench linkage mandate in policies establishing research-extension system to encourage and facilitate public-public and public-private linkages in the sub-system. Existing institutional framework for linkages between research and extension system should be re-visited to evolve more dynamic arrangements and to create mechanism for increase participation of private agencies. Also policy makers should invest on orientation and building linkage leadership among administrators and extension practitioners to stimulate innovation culture.

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eISSN: 2408-6851
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