Performance of Wild Fruit Marketing in Nigeria: A Case Study of African Star Apple (Chrysophllum Albidum) in Ilorin Metropolis, Kwara State, Nigeria

  • OA Omotesho
  • A Falola
  • LO Adebisi


This study examined marketing of wild fruits in Nigeria using African Star Apple as a case study. The study stemmed from the need to satisfy the nutritional requirements of the populace through efficient marketing of wild fruits. Specifically, the study examined the socio-economic characteristics of African Star Apple marketers in the study area, determined the marketing margins among the intermediaries involved in marketing of the crop, and identified the factors militating against efficient marketing of the commodity in the study area. Descriptive statistics, marketing margin and marketing efficiency analyses were the analytical tools adopted for the study. The findings revealed that marketing of African Star Apple was profitable and efficient in the study area. Majority of the intermediaries were not members of any cooperative society. The study also reveals inadequate credit facilities, seasonal variation in price, high transportation cost and poor storage system as the major problem facing marketing of the commodity in the study area. This is unfavourable to producers, marketers as well as consumers and the economy as a whole. The study therefore calls for formation of cooperative societies by marketers of wild fruits, provision of good roads, development of efficient storage system, credit facilities and market stalls.

Key words: nutritional requirements, wild fruits, intermediaries, efficientt marketing


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eISSN: 1597-1074