Factors influencing smallholder farmers’ inputs use in major bean production corridors in Kenya

  • A Gichangi
  • E Birachi
  • S Wambua
  • J Kavoi
  • D Karanja
  • F Muriithi
  • M Mutua


This study analysed socio-economic determinants for inputs use in major bean corridors in Kenya. It comprised 417 respondents sampled from four major bean corridors. A structured questionnaire was used in data collection. Probit model was used to assess determinants of input use among the bean-farming households. From the results, 74% of respondents were male with a mean age of 48.6 years. The probability of using agricultural inputs increased with education level and income from crop sales. Fertilizer was mainly used in Bomet (73%) and Narok (74%) counties. Eighty-five percent planted recycled seeds. Education level and Income from crops positively influenced inputs use. It was concluded that education level, incomes from sale of crops, livestock and livestock products, and farm income influenced use of inputs. As a recommendation, Capacity building on merits of input use and promotion of public-private partnerships to strengthen input supply system would enhance increased input use by smallholder farmers.

Keywords: Bean, inputs, determinants, Kenya


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1597-1074