Journal of Agriculture, Science and Technology

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An Investigation of the Mechanical Properties of Sisal Fibre, Loofah Matt and their Composites with Epoxy Resin

M Maringa, SM Mutuli, FPL Kavishe


The mechanical properties of sisal fibre, loofah matt, epoxy resin and their resulting composites were determined experimentally. The influence of volume fraction of the reinforcing fibres and matt on the mechanical properties of the composites was investigated. It was found that loofah matt reduces the mechanical properties of epoxy resin and as such loofah is not a suitable reinforcing material. Sisal fibre on the other hand does improve the mechanical properties of epoxy resin; the improvement being dependent on fibre volume fraction. This makes fibre reinforced composites useful practical materials. Based on the “effective reinforcement” and the advent of multiple matrix fracture, design limitations for the composites were set.
Journal of Agriculture, Science and Technology Vol.3(1) 2001: 53-65

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