Effects of Globalization on Music Education of the Nigerian Child

  • YS Onyiuke
  • D Mus


The child is the future of every nation. No wonder then that education revolves around the child. In Nigeria in particular and the world in general, children are highly valued and cherished. Because of this, every nation takes great care in the upbringing of those expected to replace the older generation. To this end, every nation promulgates decrees and signs bills into law regard to the protection of the child. This is easier now that the world has gone global; since one method of music teaching in one country can be used of adopted by another country In a twinkle of an eye. The paper will look at the concept of education, music education, effect of globalization on music education of the child, problems militating against effective music education of the child in the global world, possible solutions to the problems, summary and conclusion.

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eISSN: 1597-0597