An appraisal of performance of broiler birds fed with different commercial feed in Kano State, Nigeria

  • Mubarak Haladu
  • Ahmed Abubakar
Keywords: Appraisal, Performance, Broiler birds, Commercial feed, Kano state.


The experiment was carried out to determine the overall performance and economic analysis of broiler chickens fed different commercial diets marketed in Kano metropolis. A total of 112 day-old Zertek strain of broiler chicks were randomly allotted to four dietary treatments coded as A, B, C and Din a completely randomized design. Each group was replicated 4 times with seven birds per replicate. Birds were weighed at the onset of the experiment and weekly thereafter. Feed intake and live weight gain were measured, recorded and used to determine the feed conversion ratio. The chicks were managed on a deep litter system and the experiment lasted for six weeks. Feed and water were supplied ad libitum throughout the feeding trial. Results revealed that feed intake of birds ranged from 78.5-87.3 (g/b/d), live weight gain ranged from 49.3 – 53.9 (g/b/d) while feed conversion ratio ranged between 1.59 and 1.64. There were no significant (P > 0.05) differences in feed intake and feed conversion ratio. However, significant (P < 0.05) difference was observed in live weight gain where birds on treatments B, C, and D were superior to birds on treatment A. The market costs of the feeds at the time of the experiment were used to calculate the feed cost (₦ / kg), total feed cost (₦), feed cost (₦ /kg gain). Feed cost ₦/kg gain was best in treatment A.

Keywords: Appraisal, Performance, Broiler birds, Commercial feed, Kano state.


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