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Marketing Analysis of Ducks in Akinyele Local Government Area, Oyo State, Nigeria

K.A Jatto
A.S Adeoye
O.O Oke
O.S Oke
O.O Abegunrin
A.T Kareem


The study assessed the marketing activities of ducks in Akinyele Local Government Area. The study was carried out in three selected main markets (Ojoo, Moniya, and Shasha). Information was generated from ninety-four (94) duck marketers in the study area using structured questionnaire to determine the socio-economic characteristics of duck sellers, profitability, market performance and problems militating against duck marketing. The data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, Gini coefficient, budgetary analysis and marketing margin. The result showed that 52.1% of respondents were males while about 47.9% of respondents were females. Age range of 40-50 (38.3%) is the majority which means that adult dominate the duck business. Majority of them are married (63.8%), with no formal education (31.9%) and with marketing experience (40.4%) of less than five years. The result of the Gini coefficient was 0.52 which implied that the degree of income inequalities is high in sales revenue of the respondents and hence high level of concentration. Moniya market is more efficient among the other market visited. Duck selling business in Moniya is more profitable as sellers on the average realized gross revenue of ₦280,700; followed by Ojoo, ₦147,582; and Shasha, ₦116,640. The problems encountered include, low patronage, low price, disease infestation, mortality and theft. It was recommended that there should be general awareness of the business as a means of employment which would serve as poverty alleviation in the society.

Key words: Market structure, Market performance, Profitability, Ducks