Journal of Agricultural Research and Development

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Performance of Layers Fed Graded Levels of Blood –Rumen Content Mixture

OO Balogun, AA Adeniji, A Bamgbose, S Ibigbemi


240 laying hens were fed graded levels of Blood-Rumen content mixture (BRCM) for a period of eight weeks. The study was designed to determine the level of BRCM that layers can tolerate in their diet. Feed intake by birds fed the control and 4% BRCM diets were comparable, but significantly higher (P<0.05) than those fed diets with 8 or 12%BRCM. The weight gain decreased (P<0.05) with increase in the dietary level of BRCM. The hens fed the control diet had a better (P<0.05) hen day production (HDP %) than the hens fed the BRCM diets, irrespective of inclusion level. The hens fed the 12% BRCM diet had the lowest HDP of 59.20% which was not significantly different (P>0.05) from 60.10% produced by 8% BRCM fed birds. There was no significant effect of the treatments on the egg weight. The hens on the 8 and 12% BRCM levels tended to have a better feed intake per dozen of eggs laid than the birds fed the control and 4% BRCM diets. The 8% BRCM is recommended for laying hens.

JARD Vol. 1 2001: pp. 1-8
AJOL African Journals Online