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Effects of Corn Cob Treated with Sodium Chloride on Water Utilization by West African Dwarf Goats.

JO Daramola
AA Adeloye


The effects of four dietary treatments involving 50% cotton seed cake (CSC) and 50% corn cob treated with 0,5,10, and 15% were determined using a Completely Randomized Design in a 20-day trial. Treated corn cob and CSC (5%NaCl) increased the consumption of DM (317.88+54.65g/d) and CP (39.95±1.49g/d) compared with other treatments (0%, 10%, and 15%). The daily water drunk were 856.0±81.9, 1553±238.51, 1652±148.16, and 1720.1±210.15(g/d) for treatments 0, 5, 10 and 15% respectively. Water intakes increased with increasing concentration of NaCl in the diet (P<0.05). The main route of water loss was through urine (39.10-60.33%) and this was closely followed by the insensible route (27.69-48.87%). Serum Sodium (Na+) decreased with increasing concentration of NaCl and so was water drunk (P<0.05). The result showed that a high dietary intake of NaCl by the West African Dwarf Goat could reduce the DM intake. The results indicated better tolerance of West African Dwarf goats to 5% NaCl based diet.

JARD Vol. 3 2004: pp. 37-46