Effect of Storage on Quality and Acceptance of Aseptically Processed Ashgourd Juice

  • TK Majumdar
  • DD Wadikar
  • CR Vasudish
  • KS Premavalli
  • AS Bawa


Ashgourd (Benincasa hispida) juice was formulated with the help of Response Surface Methodology (RSM) and the storage stability of the juice was investigated. The juice was aseptically processed, sterilized at 137ıC for 4 seconds and packaged in 6 layer laminated packet under sterilized environment. The physico-chemical, microbiological & sensory characteristics of the juice were evaluated during 8 months storage at ambient temperature (28oC + 2oC) conditions. There were no remarkable changes in pH, total
soluble solids, total acidity (as citric acid) and sensory scores of the juices during storage. Loss of vitamin C was 66.67% after 8 months of storage. The result indicated that the juice was acceptable up to 8 months of storage under ambient temperature (28 + 2oC).

Keywords: Ashgourd juice, Storage stability, Aseptic processing, Vitamin C,
Sensory quality, Response Surface Methodology


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1596-5511