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Assessment of Gari Processing Technologies in Oja-Iya Area of Ilorin Metropolis

OR Karim, AA Karim


Gari (fermented cassava meal) is one of the most popular carbohydrate foods that is being processed majorly through the traditional technologies in Nigeria. This study was conducted to assess gari processing technologies in Oja-Iya Area of Ilorin West local government area of Kwara State, Nigeria. Data were collected through questionnaire and observation methods. Highest percentages of gari processors procure their raw materials from farmers and market places. Gari processors greatly patronize cooperative societies for their loans. Greater numbers of people involved in processing activities were female above 30 years of age. Gari frying over a wood fire was the most popular method. Large scale gari processing was largely unsuccessful in the area because of lack of modern technology, high overhead costs, and lack of requisite technical expertise for operation and maintenance of sophisticated, capitalintensive equipment. Recommendations were made towards upgrading traditional gari processing technologies in the study area.

Keywords: Carbohydrate, Cassava, Gari, Traditional Technology


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