Effects of Fermented Maize Supernatant and Sodom Apple Coagulant on the Time, Temperature and of Coagulation of Soft Cheese

  • AA Badmos
  • K Joseph


The study, which was aimed at assessing the Time and Temperature of coagulation, as well as yield of Wara, the West African Soft Cheese, as affected by using graded levels of Sodom Apple and fermented Maize Supernatant, was conducted using a completely randomized design. It
consisted of eight treatments, including four levels of Sodom Apple juice (0.5, 1, 1.5, and 2%) and four levels of Maize Supernatant (50 ,75, 100, and 125%) , that has fermented for twenty four hours, which were all used as cheese coagulants. The 0.5 percent Sodom Apple juice was used
as control. The result of the study showed that the time and temperature of coagulation was highest for the control (63.3 minutes at 970c), but reduced with higher levels of coagulants use. Lowest time and temperature was observed on 125% fermented Maize Supernatant. The highest
mean yield of 46.91gm of Cheese was obtained from 200 ml of milk with the use of 75% fermented Maize supernatant, but considering the total fluid used, the highest percentage cheese yield was 22.48%,with the use of 1.5% Sodom Apple juice. It can be recommended that addition of 75 to
100% percent fermented Maize Supernatant or 1.5% percent Sodom apple juice to milk will support optimum cheeses production.


Keywords: cheese, maize supernatant, Sodom apple juice, time, temperature, yield, coagulation.


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eISSN: 1596-5511