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Variability in the hydrology of the Ikpoba River system

KI Iloba, DO Ehioghiren


The variability in some physico-chemical parameters was studied in Ikpoba River from June to November, 2009, in three stations. The study shows high variability in transparency, flow velocity, BOD, alkalinity, chloride, nitrate, phosphate with over 40% variability coefficient which is an indication that these parameters undergo rapid changes in the river while the others show stability in the in the river. The least variation was observed in dissolved oxygen 0.14 – 0.16 mg/L while the highest difference was noticed in alkalinity (91.7 – 102.4 CaCO3/L). The factor analysis implicated organic pollution and anthropogenic factors (loadings) as being responsible for the deterioration of the water quality due to discharges of effluents, agricultural and solid wastes from the companies situated along the river course and as such making Ikpoba water unhealthy for consumption without treatment.

Key Words: Change, physical and chemical parameters, principal component analysis, water quality, deterioration and Ikpoba River

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