Physico- Chemical Analysis of the Upper Reaches of the Imo River, Nigeria

  • I Ukogo
  • NE Onyedineke
Keywords: lmo River, physical and chemical parameters


Investigations of the physical and chemical parameters of Imo River were carried out. Water samples were collected in duplicates from the sampling stations four times monthly between the months of December 2006 to February 2007 and analyzed using standard methods, average values obtained and recorded. Observed temperature range of 29.5 - 31 °C was obtained while the pH range shows that the river is acidic. The rivers showed a general trend of low conductivity, total solids and turbidity. Calcium and Magnesium observed a dominance pattern of Ca++ > Mg++ all through the sampled stations. Nitrate concentration was over two times above the recommended value for drinking water. Upstream section often recorded higher reading than that of downstream, with the exception of benthic sample most times. Benthic sample showed the highest value in Nitrate, Calcium, turbidity and dissolved solids. Statistical analysis showed significant difference in the physical and chemical results of samples within the sampling periods. 

Key Words: lmo River, physical and chemical parameters


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eISSN: 0189-8779