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DNA barcode of coastal alga (Chlorella sorokiniana) from Ago-Egun part of Lagos Lagoon, Nigeria

TA Adesalu


For this study, environmental samples collected at Ago-Egun part of Lagos lagoon were cultured using Bold’s Basal Medium (BBM) for different species and experimental results attributed the isolated strains to Chlorella Sorokiniana Shih. et. Krauss, (Trebouxiophyceae) a common species of green algae which grows in freshwater ecosystems at around 36°C. It was analyzed using traditional taxonomy and molecular methods. Five different loci 18S, UPA, rbcl, ITS and tufA were tested for their use as deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) barcode in this study. Although the UPA primers were designed to amplify all phototrophic algae and cyanobacteria, UPA and 18S did not amplified at all for the genus Chlorella while ITS1, ITS2 rDNA and rbcL markers were the most variable for the taxonomy of Chlorella sorokiniana, a first phylogenetic report for Nigeria water, tufA was moderately amplified. Of these, ITS, rbcL and tufA are probably the most promising for use as a DNA barcode for this class.

Keywords: DNA barcode, green algae, 18S rDNA, ITS, rbcl, UPA, tufA

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