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Socio-economics of catfish production in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria

I.F. Vincent-Akpu, G.W. Komi, U.A. Ezeugwu


The appraisal of profitability of catfish production in Port Harcourt metropolis Nigeria was carried out by identifying socio-economic characteristics of catfish farmers, cost and returns of catfish farming and the basic problems hindering effective catfish production. Thirty catfish farmers were randomly selected; administered a structured questionnaire and augmented with interview. The data were analyzed using descriptive statistics and budgetary techniques. Results revealed that 80% of the respondents were males, 40% were aged (35-39), and 46.67% had 1-5 years working experience. The cost and returns analysis indicated that among the variable inputs, feed (59.05%) and labour (12.67%) constituted the highest (71.72%) cost of production while the fixed cost constituted 11.82%. The cost of production was $4,510.86 ($1=₦315); total revenue of $7,902.38 and the net profit was $3,391.52. This implies that despite feed, labour and lack of land as the major constraints encountered; catfish farming is economically viable and profitable in Nigeria.

Keywords: Aquaculture, profitability, factors of production, Clarias gariepinus
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