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Length-weight relationship and condition factor of <i>Tilapia guineensis</i> from Bodo City fish landing site Rivers State, Nigeria

O.M.G. Abu
C.G. Valeba


The length- weight relationship and condition factor of Tilapia guineensis from Bodo city fish landing site, Rivers State, Nigeria, was carried out. Sampling was done fortnightly for a period of four months (March–June, 2016). The length-weight regression statistics was done using a software known as FISAT (Fish Stock Assessment Tool). The result obtained indicated that the water quality parameters were within the range favourable for the growth of the fish. Also, T. guineensis exhibited sexual dimorphism with sex ratio of 1.2:1.0 which was significantly biased in favour of the females. The length-weight relationship showed negative allometric growth, with b= 2.01. Moreover, T. guineensis had a very high condition factor which ranged between 2.03-2.32 in both male and female fish, which is an indication of the well-being of the species in this environment.

Keywords: Length-Weight, condition factor, tilapia, Bodo Creek