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Influence of processing on consumer preference and pattern of consumption of periwinkle (<i>Tympanotonus fuscatus</i>) in some coastal communities of Rivers State

O.M.G. Abu
N.M. Achilike


This study investigated the influence of processing on consumer preference and consumption patterns of periwinkle (Tympanotonus fuscatus) in selected riverine communities of Rivers State, Nigeria. The results of the study indicated that all of the respondents (100.0%) often consumed processed periwinkle while raw ones are not consumed (0.00%). Among the processed periwinkle: roasted ones were more preferable (96.8%), based on taste quality (99.0%), texture (100.00%) and flavour (100.00%). While boiled periwinkles were preferred to others based on colour acceptance quality. From this study the consumer preferred roasted periwinkle to boiled and unshucked ones, an indication that processing has a positive influence on periwinkle consumption on the populace in these communities.

Keywords: Fish, consumer, consumption, preferences, communities