Journal of Aquatic Sciences

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Effects of urbanization on water quality variables along urban-suburban gradients of Chennai City, South India

YN Koteswari, R Ramanibai


This study focuses on water quality of permanent and temporary water bodies along the urban and suburban gradients of Chennai City, South India. Water samples were analyzed for their major elements and nutrients. The results indicated that the response of water quality variables was different when compared to urban - suburban locations. Dissolved oxygen level showed one fold increase in the suburban sites. On the other hand the mean values of alkalinity, hardness, calcium, chloride, salinity, phosphate and sulfate were higher at urban locations. The reason for this is unclear, but may be because the source of variations, the urbanization and its rate of development have different effects on the different limnological habitats investigated in this study.
Key words: urbanization; water quality; physicochemical variables; urban-suburban gradients.
Journal of Aquatic Sciences Vol.20(1) 2005: 1-12
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