Journal of Applied Sciences and Environmental Management

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Suitability of Moshi Pumice for Phosphorus Sorption in Constructed Wetlands

AS Mahenge


The study of Moshi Pumice’s phosphorus sorption behaviours and  properties was carried out in laboratory scale where by 1-2 mm, 2-4 mm and 4-8 mm grains were tested using batch experiments. The results show that Moshi Pumice has high phosphorus sorption capacity. The sorption capacity for the Moshi Pumice was 2.5 g P/kg. For 1-2mm and 4-8mm grains; about 50% of phosphorus sorption in Moshi Pumice occurs in the first 18 and 20 hours, respectively. Compared to 4-8mm and 2-4mm grains, temperature didn’t significantly influence phosphorus sorption on 1-2mm grain. Moshi Pumice has high potential for phosphorus removal from wastewaters and it can be recommended to be used as a substrate in constructed wetlands to remove phosphorus. © JASEM
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