Heavy Metal Distribution in the Vicinity of Automobile Scrap Sites in Agbor, Nigeria

  • E K Ossai
Keywords: Vehicle scrap, heavy metals, soil concentration, Nigeria


Surface soil in the vicinity of automobile scrap sites were studied for heavy metal level. The result revealed that the concentration of heavy metals in the various sites exceeded those of the control sites. The mean concentration ranges (mg kg-1) for heavy metals in these sites were 4.00 – 11.55 for Cd; 6.22 – 977 for Pb; 0.34 – 1.26 for Cu; 0.72–1.59 for Cr and 12.21 – 93.31 for Fe. However, the concentrations compared well with those found in normal agricultural soil and were below environmental quality criteria for soil for agriculture, residential and industrial purposes except for cadmium. The accumulation pattern for the metals followed the order Fe > Cd > Pb > Cr > Cu. Cadmium represented a contamination hazards in these sites.

Keywords: Vehicle scrap; heavy metals; soil concentration; Nigeria


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