Sine-wave three phase resonance inverter for operation of renewable energy systemsR

  • M Khosravi


This paper proposes a high performance single-stage three phase inverter topology for the autonomous operation of renewable energy systems. The proposed configuration can boost the low voltage of renewable energy systems such as photo voltaic systems, fuel cells, and etc can also convert the output dc power, into high quality ac power to drive autonomous loads without any filters. It can also be useful in UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supplies) systems to convert low dc voltage of batteries into suitable amplitude and high quality ac voltage. The line current total harmonic distortion (THD) as it will be shown in the simulation results part, is quite reasonable in such different loads. The proposed topology has several desirable features such as low cost and compact size as it doesn't need to any filters in the output of the converter. In addition, the low number of switches in compare to multilevel inverters is noticeable. According to result, the operation of converter will produce and the performance will be acceptable in induction load. © JASEM

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eISSN: 2659-1502
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