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Emission characterization of diesel engine run on coconut oil biodiesel its blends and diesel

Nicholas A. Musa
Georgina M. Teran
Saraki A. Yaman


The use of biodiesel in running diesel has been called for, with a view to mitigating the environmental pollution, depletion, cost and scarcity associated with the use diesel in running diesel engine. So the need to characterize the emissions from these biodiesel, cannot be overemphasized, hence this paper presents the evaluation of the emissions of particulate matter (PM), carbon monoxide(CO), hydrocarbon(HC) and oxides of nitrogen (NOX) from diesel engine run on coconut oil biodiesel, its blends and diesel for comparison. The result of the evaluation showed that NOX emission increased with increase in percentage of the biodiesel in the blend, while PM, CO, HC decreased with increase in the percentage biodiesel in the blend. In comparison with diesel, diesel has the least emission of NOX and the highest emission of PM, CO and HC.

Keywords: Diesel engine, diesel, coconut oil biodiesel, blends, emissions

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eISSN: 2659-1502
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