Evaluation of some indices selection traits of the “HS314” genotype as a new interspesific hybrid rootstock for stone fruit trees

  • Dejampour Jalil
  • Rahnemoun Hamid
  • Hossin Fathi


Interspecific hybrids, especially in prunus genus, are used as rootstocks for stone fruit trees in the world, in recent decades. In this research, 106 interspesific hybrids including: almond × peach (P. amygdalus ×P. persica ) , almond × prune (P. amygdalus × P. cerasifera ), apricot × prune (P. armeniaca × P. cerasifera ) and apricot × plum (P. armeniaca × P. domestica ) were evaluated according to their vegetative and reproductive characteristics. "HS314" is a hybrid of Almond × peach, that was selected as clonal rootstock among this prunus population from 1995. In order to releasing of this genotype, some important traits as indices selection like; suckering, stability in soil, environment stress tolerance, graft compatibility, rooting of cutting, micropropagation and salt tolerance were evaluated. The results showed this rootstock had good graft compatibility with almond and peach and some apricot. Rooting of micro cutting and cutting was successful via in vitro (65-70 percent) and in vivo (50 percent) conditions. This genotype with strong and deeper roots had good stability in sandy and rocky soil. The salinity tolerance of "HS314" plantlet was 3-4 dSm-1. This genotype also had normal bearing and fruit set with nonedible fruits.

Keywords: rootstock, clonal, almond × peach, prunus


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eISSN: 2659-1502
print ISSN: 1119-8362