Comparative histopathology of gladiator swimming crab (Callinectes pallidus) from two coastal areas in Lagos, Nigeria

  • G.O. Mekuleyi
  • K.A. Fakoya
Keywords: Susceptibility, hepatopancreas, ovary, stress, alteration and crab


Callinectes pallidus is an economically important species of crab which inhabits both inshore and estuaries often susceptible to contamination from anthropogenic sources. The present study examined histopathology of the tissues of Callinectes pallidus from two coastal areas in Lagos, Nigeria, as a possible measure of degree of susceptibility to environmental stress.Tissues (hepatopancreas, gill, ovary, intestine and flesh) of samples of 30 crabs from each coastal site were processed for histological examination using standard method. The histopathological results in this study showed no structural alteration in gills, intestine and flesh in crabs from both sites, but there was a great structural degeneration and lesion in the hepatopancreas and ovaries of C. pallidus from Agbara (site 2). The environmental stressors identified in Agbara based on documented literatures includes Brewery effluents- that contains high carbohydrate, nitrogen and washing reagents; high concentration of heavy metals such as Cu, Zn and Fe and pharmaceutical effluents. The present study thereby revealed that hepatopancreas and ovaries of C.pallidus from Agbara (site 2) are more susceptible to these environmental stressors. Thus, it could be concluded that C.pallidus from site 2 are more susceptible to environmental stress than those from site 1.The present study also provide a fundamental information on the well being of C.pallidus from the two sites. Therefore, efforts should be intensified to avert future deleterious effect of the environmental stressors on the studied species in Agbara water body.

Keywords: Susceptibility, hepatopancreas, ovary,stress, alteration and crab


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