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Assessment of tree species diversity in the University of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos

A.L. Ogunyebi, M.J. Abiodun, O.O. Oludoye, K.O. Omoyajowo, G.A. Fayenuwo, T.S. Fingesi


This study was aimed at assessing and providing management options for tree species growing on Akoka Campus of University of Lagos, Southern-Western Nigeria by collecting data from four (4) randomly selected 50m x 50m plots in the study area. The assessment was carried out through extensive field survey with the inventory of all tree species, including their mean diameters at breast height (DBH), heights (H). A total of 67 woody tree species within 27 families were represented in the study area. The family Fabaceae had the highest frequency (14 species) representing 20.59% of total species enumerated in all the plots followed by Moraceae which consists of 7 species (10.29%). The result revealed high values for tree species diversity and also provided necessary information such as tree height and diameter at breast height, which will be used in proper management and maintenance of the tree species numbered; hence, proper management and sustainability of the tree species can be achieved.

Keywords: Breast height, Fabaceae, Moraceae, Management, Sustainability
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