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3-D subsurface geoelectrical resistivity imaging of contaminant plume from cassava processing mill in Ozalla Area of Edo North, Nigeria

J.I. Ehilenboadiaye, E.E. Ozah


Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT) was used to map and detect the subsurface contaminant plumes from the cassava effluents in the various cassavas processing mill in Ozalla Area of Edo North, Edo State, Nigeria. The result from the 3D resistivity images shows clearly the distribution of the plumes from all the profile lines in the surveyed area. From the results it is evident that at a depth of 2.5 m - 21.9 m with resistivity values between 6.2 Ωm -13.1 Ωm the plumes were observed. The results thus point out the need for environmental Education and proper management/ location of cassava processing sites by the relevant agencies of Government.

Keywords: Geoelectrical, Mill, Contaminant Plume, Cassava effluent, Imaging
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