Characterization and morphological properties of glass fiber reinforced epoxy composites fabricated under varying degrees of hand lay-up techniques

  • O Adekomaya
  • A.A. Adediran
  • K Adama
Keywords: composite, interfacial adhesion, morphology, reinforcing fibre


In this paper, attempts were made to study the progression of fibre-matrix adhesion of five composite specimens taking into consideration the hand lay-up method of composite formation. The ampreg 21 epoxy resin was used as the matrix for the glass fibre-epoxy resin formation. E- Glass fibre was used as matrix reinforcement. The morphology and the XRD of these composites were examined. Key of the findings from the morphological analysis of these composites showed that the fractured surface of the samples depicted better adhesion between the matrix and the fibres. The micrographs and EDS of the composite specimens also showed the retention of elemental composition of the glass fibre which is in line with other published works. The XRD results of these composites indicated a peak at Bragg’s angle 2θ=20.6o, affirming the remnant crystalline silica in the composite. Hence, these composites are projected to possess better dimensional stability adaptable for high performance structural applications.

Keywords: composite, interfacial adhesion, morphology, reinforcing fibre


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eISSN: 2659-1502
print ISSN: 1119-8362