Palynological zonation of oligocene to early miocene sediments of greater Ughelli Depobelt, Niger Delta Basin

  • F.A. Lucas
  • T.J. Fregene
Keywords: Lithozones, Niger delta Basin, Palynomorphs, Oligocene to Early Miocene, Depobelt


Palynological zonation of Oligocene to Early Miocene sediments of Greater Ughelli Depobelt Niger Delta Basin was carried out using One hundred and ninety (190) ditch cutting samples ranging from 20ft.-11,820ft. (6.09m- 3603.7m), by identifying the different species of palynomorphs present as well as using stratigraphic significant diagnostic palynomorphs to age date and zone the well section, Nine hundred and sixty four (964) species of palynomorps were recovered.Nine hundred and fifty four (954) were miospores(pollen and spore) and ten(10) were Dinocysts.The presence of diagnostic palynomorphs such as Praedapollis africanus, Peregrinipollis nigericus, Retibrevitricolporites obodoensis aided in the establishment of the age and three P-zones in the well. The age of the well section range from Oligocene to Early Miocene.The P-zones established are P560, P580 and P620 zones. P620 and P580 Zones were lumped together and was established based on the occurrence of Top Pradapollis africanus at 4500ft and quantitative base of Peregrinipollis nigericus at 7620ft.This zone were lumped together because Top/FDO Cicatricosisporites dorogenesis (30)/Gemmatriporites sp (573) which represents the base of P620 zone and top of P580 zone were undefined. P560 Zone was defined by the appearance of quantitative base Peregrinipollis nigericus at 7620ft and increase Retibrevitricolporites obodoensis at 11580ft.

Keywords: Lithozones; Niger delta Basin; Palynomorphs; Oligocene to Early Miocene; Depobelt


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eISSN: 2659-1502
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