Estimation of soil water retention curve using fractal dimension

  • Z.M. Seyedeh
  • P Ebrahim
  • A Fariborz
  • B Hossein
Keywords: Fractal model, Pedotransfer functions, Regression analysis, Soil water retention curve


The soil water retention curve (SWRC) is a fundamental hydraulic property majorly used to study flow transport in soils and calculate plant-available water. Since, direct measurement of SWRC is time-consuming and expensive, different models have been developed to estimate SWRC. In this study, a fractal-based model was developed to predict SWRC. A wide range of soil textures (130 soil samples) was used to determine the fractal dimension of SWRC (DSWRC). Moreover, the SWRC pedotransfer functions were established based on easily available soil properties such as particle size distribution and bulk density by applying multiple linear regression analysis. The measured DSWRC for 110 soil samples was considered for function parameterization and the remaining was used for model validation. The results illustrated that the DSWRC linearly correlates with clay and silt contents and soil bulk density (r2 = 0.909). The SWRC can, therefore, be easily and concisely estimated by the proposed fractal-based functions.

Keywords: Fractal model; Pedotransfer functions; Regression analysis; Soil water retention curve


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2659-1502
print ISSN: 1119-8362