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Effects of Organic and Inorganic Fertilizers on the Yield Components of NH-Ae 47-4 Variety of Okra

A. Zainab Molik, C. Vincent Eluwa, S. Ayodele Oluwatobi, Gayus Y Lakwannum, S. Kehinde Olorunmaiye


The experiment was carried out to evaluate the effects of organic and inorganic fertilizers on the yield components of okra (variety NH-Ae 47-4). Organic fertilizers (cow dung and poultry droppings) and inorganic (NPK 15:15:15 and Urea 64:0) fertilizers were used for the experiment. The fertilizers were weighed and applied at 5g, 10g and 15g and were replicated three times and each having a control. The fertilizers were mixed three days prior to sowing the seeds. Yield components taken include; fresh pod weight (g), dry pod weight (g), length of pod (cm), number of grooves on the pod, length of stalk (cm) and pod girth (cm). Application of cow dung, poultry litter, and urea and NPK fertilizer had significant effects on all the parameters accessed with Urea fertilizer having least effect. The application of cow dung resulted in significant increase in the yield components. The results obtained from the experiment also showed that the effect of the treatments were significantly difference from the control

Keywords: evaluate, cow-dung, poultry-droppings, okra, yield

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