Influence of weather variables on atmospheric refractivity over Auchi Town, Edo State, Nigeria

  • K.E. Ukhurebor
  • S.O. Azi
  • I.C. Abiodun
  • S.E. Ojiemudia
Keywords: Refractivity, Troposphere, Propagation, Variation, Weather Variables


In this study, atmospheric variables such as air temperature, relative humidity and atmospheric pressure were evaluated in order to determine the atmospheric refractivity over Auchi town in Edo State, Nigeria using a portable weather monitoring system. The data revealed that, the average atmospheric refractivity was 354.31 N-units. It was observed that air temperature, relative humidity and atmospheric pressure were having significant influence on the atmospheric refractivity during all the months in 2017. This influence was much during the months with higher rainfall (wet season), than the months with lesser rainfall (dry season). The air temperature was having the higher influence compared to that of the relative humidity and the atmospheric pressure. This study will assist the management of radio communication systems for enhancement and improvement purposes.

Keywords: Refractivity; Troposphere; Propagation; Variation; Weather Variables


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eISSN: 2659-1502
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