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Determination of the levels of some heavy metals in urban run-off sediments in Ilorin and Lagos, Nigeria

F A Adekola
O A Eletta
S A Atanda


The concentration of zinc, cadmium, lead and iron in run-off water sediments on paved roads in Ilorin and Lagos areas of Nigeria were determined using Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometric technique Zinc, iron and cadmium were found in very concentration in the Urban sediment from these cities whilst for most of the locations, lead was found to be below the detection level. Iron has the highest mean concentration while lead had the lowest level. A significant correlation was obtained between iron and zinc in Lagos (r =0.8820) and in Ilorin (r = 09937) at 95% probability level. These results suggest a probable common source for iron and zinc. The average concentrations of iron and lead were higher in Lagos than in Ilorin.

(Journal of Applied Sciences & Environmental Management: 2002 6(2): 23-26)