Journal of Applied Sciences and Environmental Management

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Study of the hibiscus esculentus mucilage coagulation–flocculation activity

B Yao, E Assidjo, S Gueu, G Ado


The flocculent activity of Hibiscus esculentus (gombo) mucilage traditionally used for a local beer (Tchapalo) clarification in Côte d\'Ivoire was studied using the method of the experimental designs. Of the three factors selected that are the volume of mucilage (X1), the temperature (X2) and the pH (X3), sole X1 and X3 appeared influential. The lowering of turbidity observed is 23% approximately. The general approach suggested in this work makes it possible to approach the operating conditions. The mucilage of gombo presents a better activity in alkaline water. A relatively low volume of gombo gives better results. Moreover, the heat treatment seems to be less determining during the process of coagulation-flocculation.

Journal of Applied Sciences and Environmental Management Vol. 9(1) 2005: 173-176

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