Growth performance evaluation of leaf characteristics of Rhizophora racemosa grown in amended mangrove - garden soil

  • O.O. Oji
  • L.A. Akonye
  • F.B.G. Tanee
Keywords: leaf area, leaf dry weight, leaf dry matter content, specific leaf area


The present study investigated the effect of soil type on leaf characteristics of the Rhizophora racemosa. Matured propagules were grown for 75days on mangrove and garden soil amended with Saw dust (SD), Rice husk (RH), NPK and RH+ SD+NPK combination treatments at the Botanical Garden of the University of Port Harcourt. Leaf properties such as leaf area, Leaf dry weight, specific leaf area and leaf dry matter content was determined 75 days after planting. The leaf area of Rhizophora racemosa were not significantly different from one another at p<0.05 in the amended garden soils while in the amended mangrove soils there was significant difference. Result of leaf dry weight showed significant difference at p<0.05 in both amended soil types. Maximum Specific Leaf Area of 157 ± 31.7 cm2 g-1 was observed in the garden soil amended with RH+ SD+NPK combination while the highest SLA of 143.7 ± 19.3cm2 g-1 was observed in the mangrove soil amended with SD. Leaf Dry Matter Content varied from 0.224 ± 0.012g g-1 - 0.271 ± 0.013 g g-1 across the various amendment in the mangrove soil while it ranged from 0.256 ± 0.004 – 0.355 ± 0.041g g-1 ) for the garden soil. Result indicated that Rhizophora racemosa can be successfully raised in amended garden and mangrove soil, and this may provide valuable information for mangrove forest restoration in the Niger delta region.

Keywords: leaf area, leaf dry weight, leaf dry matter content; specific leaf area


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eISSN: 2659-1502
print ISSN: 1119-8362