Journal of Applied Sciences and Environmental Management

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Development of automated intravenous blood infusion monitoring system using load cell sensor

O.O.E. Ajibola, O.O. Sunday, D.O. Eyehorua


This paper presents an automated intravenous blood infusion unit to prevent a reflux using a load cell sensor. Intravenous infusion is frequently used in the hospital for patients’ management and treatments such as dehydration and surgical operations. The sensor measures initial weight (500mls) of initial content of intravenous bag and set a threshold of 20mls or less, and then sends a signal through transmitter to receiver as an alarm indicating current state of the intravenous infusion. This is to support monitoring system by biomedical professionals and avoid blood reflux. The sensor has a strain gauge transducer that converts force into an electric signal in millivolts; two-18 pin microcontroller was deplored to modulate signals from the transmitter to the receiver, a buzzer indicator for sound notification, and LCD display monitor screen node station.

Keywords: Intravenous infusion, hospital information system, reflux, intravenous therapy
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