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Evaluation of Dar Zarrouk Parameters of Parts of Federal University of Petroleum Resources, Effurun, Nigeria

R. Bello, A.O. Balogun, U.M. Nwosu


This work evaluated the Dar Zarrouk parameters of parts of Federal University of Petroleum Resources, Effurun, Nigeria. The aim of the study is to use Dar Zarrouk parameters to determine the groundwater quality and potentials of the study area. Four (4) Vertical Electrical Sounding (VES) were conducted with maximum electrode spacing of 200 m. The data was acquired using ABEM SAS 4000 Terrameter and processed using IPI2win and Interpex softwares. The Dar Zarrouk parameters evaluated in this work include Longitudinal Conductance (S), Transverse Resistance (T), Coefficient of Electrical Anisotropy (λ), Resistivity for the Formation (ρm), Reflection Coefficient (RC) and Resistivity Contrast (FC). Results obtained in this work showered that the study area revealed five (5) geologic layers. Resistivity of the aquifer layer ranged from 364.55 (layer 4, VES 3) to 567.66 (layer 4, VES 4). Depths to aquifer level for the study area are 15.06 m (VES 1), 14.31 m (VES 2), 12.15 m (VES 3) and 13.79 m (VES 4). All the four VESs showed a poorly protected aquifer of the study area. The Dar Zarrouk parameters evaluated showed that the study area has good groundwater potentials with values of Reflection Coefficient ranging from 0.87 to 0.97, Resistivity Contrast values ranged from 13.78 t0 71.59 while that of Coefficient of Anisotropy ranged from 1.39 to 2.01.

Keywords: Aquifer, Aquifer Protective Capacity, Dar Zarrouk Parameters, Resistivity

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