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Comparative Assessment of Air Quality in Igwuruta and Aluu, Rivers State, Nigeria

S.M.O. Akhionbare
O.G. Okweri-Eric
C.E. Ihejirika


This study investigated the air quality of Aluu and Igwuruta communities both in Obio-Akpor Local Government Area of Rivers State, using carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), Sulphur dioxide (SO2), suspended particulate matter (SPM), Methare (CH4), ammonia (NH3) Ozone (03) and Volatile Organic Compound (VOCs) as indices. Sampling was done at eighteen (18) locations within Aluu and Igwuruta at graded distances from the two (2) flare points located within the study area. Ambient air temperature, relative humility and windspeed were also measured for the location. Results showed the following levels for Aluu: CO; 934.2 ± 6.5 μg/m3, NO2; 1451.4 ± 14.28 μg/m3, SO2; 243.3 ± 9.085 μg/m3, NH3; 2167.3 ± 8.916 μg/m3, CH4; 34734.5 ± 9.55 μg/m3, SPM; 23.55 ± 6.05 μg/m3, O3; 14.795 ± 6.33 μg/m3 and VOC; 4.04 ± 1.842 μg/m3 while for Igwuruta, results are given as: CO; 460 ± 6.81 μg/m3, SPM; 95.7 ± 3.588 μg/m3, NO2; 1300.75 ± 4.681 μg/m3, SO2; 1191.72 ± 13.127 μg/m3, SO2; 1191.72 ± 13.127 μg/m3, NH3; 554.05 ± 9.241 μg/m3, CH4; 15078.8 ± 10.74 μg/m3, O3; 17.464 ± 1.696 and VOC; 4.659 ± 1.059 μg/m3. The dominant pollutants were NO2, SO2, NH3 and CH4. These results raises concern on possible health risk on community dwellers while Igwuruta had higher levels than Aluu in NO2 and SO2 levels. It is therefore recommended among others, that gas to energy conversion approach is a readily available technology that can be used to curb the menance of environmental pollution due to gas flaring at the same time harnessing the commodity value of the associated gases currently being flared.

Key words: criteria pollutants, reinforcement, Igwuruta, Aluu, health effects