Constraints and Prospects of Mechanized Processing of Forest Tree Seeds

  • A.S. Adeleye
  • A.E. Adebanjo
  • E.S. Omoghie
  • T. Ogundare
  • S.A. Alli


Trees are generally propagated from seeds and the suitability and quality of the seeds have a big effect on the success of the plantations, afforestation and reforestation programmes established from their seedlings. In view of the fact that good forestry projects start with good seeds, the quality as well as quantity of tree seeds is very important. Processing of seeds is one of the main factors that determined the quality and quantity of seeds. However, processing of forest tree seeds in Nigeria and other developing countries has mostly been carried out using traditional methods which affects the quality of the seeds especially for large quantity of seeds. This work attempts to raise awareness on the need to mechanize processing of forest tree seeds so as to increase the quantity and quality of the seeds and to reduce the drudgery, time and health hazards involved in the common traditional methods of processing the seeds. Tree seeds are often regarded as inferior to crop seeds, a misnomer (mistaken belief) that needs to be rectified to promote tree planting.


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eISSN: 2659-1502
print ISSN: 1119-8362